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New £24m building “Marvells” kids choosing their secondary school

“We can’t wait to go to the new Andrew Marvell College.”

This is the reaction from the latest group of primary school pupils to be given a sneak preview tour inside the new £24m Andrew Marvell College building – developed by Hull Esteem Consortium and built by Morgan Sindall Construction, as part of Hull’s £400m Building Schools for the Future programme.

Hull Esteem Consortium is a tripartite partnership including Hull-based Sewell Group, national construction firm Morgan Sindall and Robertson Capital Projects. The work will see the delivery of 19 new, world-class, schools by the end of 2014.

Hollie Verity, 10, who currently attends Spring Cottage Primary School, has already selected Andrew Marvell as her first choice secondary school. The deadline for making the choice, for those starting secondary school in September 2013, is October 31st, 2012. Her brother Thomas, nine, has already decided it is where he wants to go in 2014.

The opening of the new building, due in January, will follow what has been an excellent academic year for the school, which saw the school achieve  91% A*-C in 2012 – the largest grade increase in the city.

The new facilities will bring the existing school buildings together into one new state-of-the-art four-storey education centre.

Hollie said she had no hesitation when it came to picking her preferred option.

“I think the new school looks amazing – as soon as I saw it I said to my mum that I wanted it to be my first choice. There are lots of things I will be able to do there.  They have even made it so you can go out of doors if it is raining, with a sheltered area which I really like. I also really like the sports hall; I’m really looking forward to using the climbing wall. ”

The gym, which has a six-court sports hall, will be one of the largest in the city. It will be complemented by a floodlit all-weather pitch.

Hollie described the teachers as being “really nice and friendly too” – no surprise considering that the school has earned a ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted for care, guidance and support.

Her brother Thomas, nine – a fellow sports enthusiast – said it will be his first choice has soon as he gets the chance:

“ I have heard about all the different things you can do there, and how great the new building looks. I can’t wait to go, and join all the different sports clubs they have. “

Headteacher Kevin Lister, said:

We have always been proud of the enthusiasm and hard work our staff put into educating our pupils – and now we will have facilities which are a real match to their dedication and support.

“It will create an open and relaxed environment, which will bring all our pupils together under one roof for the first time. This is especially good news for our new arrivals, because it will be quicker and easier to get to lessons – often a daunting task when you are new to a secondary school.

“And not only can pupils and staff be proud of this building, but the whole community as well. Andrew Marvell College has always shared its facilities with local residents; and the new theatre space, performance studios, fitness suite and library will be made available in the same way. A family services and customer service centre will also be provided as part of the new school. “

Other comments on the new facilities included:

“ I’m pleased to say the response from the children has been great. They are so excited about joining the school, and there is no better reward for our team than seeing such enthusiasm for something we built. ”

-   Roy Perry, project manager for Morgan Sindall Construction, who has been leading the tours for the primary school children

“ It is fantastic to see such a positive response from young people visiting this school for the first time. Our programme is bringing 19 new facilities to Hull which are ahead of their time, even as we move into the 21st century. Built to last, we know they will make an important contribution to their surrounding community for generations to come. ”

-   Sam Whitaker, chief executive of Hull Esteem Consortium

“The BSF programme in Hull is making great progress and is already helping to transform learning and teaching across the city. The new Andrew Marvell College will be a fantastic asset for the whole community and it is lovely to hear that children are already getting excited about starting there next September. I would like to remind parents to apply for their child’s secondary school place before October 31 and also encourage parents to choose one of our wonderful new schools in Hull.”

-    Councillor Helene O’Mullane, portfolio holder for childrens services and the BSF programme

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